Loic Zimmermann is a French filmmaker and visual-artist based in Los Angeles.

    His book, "e338, the Art of Loic Zimmermann" , regrouping a decade of his personal and professional production, was published in 2014.

    Zimmermann moved to California in 2008 to work as a concept-artist for visual effects, contributing to many Marvel blockbusters ( Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, and
    many more ) along with films that resonated deep in him such as Prisoners (Denis Villeneuve), True Grit and Serious Man (Coen brothers). 

    Over the past few years, his work gradually shifted from illustration and 3D to photography and filmmaking.
    In directing his own projects, Loic Zimmermann finds a medium that allows for collaborative work while giving him a wide range of tools to experiment with - his experience as a photographer and as an illustrator have a direct impact on his cinematography and his understanding and practice of the digital tools allow him to tackle any given subject.
    His main inspiration leans toward independent cinema (with a real love for the 70's). 

    With a few music videos behind him ( including the 15 min long
    Time Washes Away Everything for Dirty Beaches ), two documentaries ( Gamma Wray, A Solitary Mann ) , and a few experimental short films, Loic Zimmermann is already in pre-production with several new projects.