• Loic e338 Zimmermann is a French visual artist living in Los Angeles and working as a concept designer (Luma Pictures) on movies such as Thor, XmenFC, True Grit, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and the half blood prince, Wolverine, Underworld... He's also known from the 3D community for some of his hybrid illustrations, his nomination as a  Maya Master and a virtual tattoo that made some noise too.

    In September 2010, GhettoGloss curated his first solo show in Downtown L.A. and a new one is expected for Fall this year. In the meantime he was part of several group shows  in France, England, Germany, Canada and the US and his illustrations have been published in many art books and magazines over the globe.

    With a graphic novel in completion, a new series of mixed media portraits in preparation as well as a couple of photography series in progress and a few collaborations with other artists, the year to come should be interesting to follow.