3D print, 6" resin
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Although I'm still using 3D at my job for concept and production (digital doubles, creatures for movies), I have left it aside for a while when it comes to my personal work.
This Digital Clay was a great way to get back at it and fully enjoy the process. 3DTotal offered me to produce a 3D print and have a cast being made, so that we can bring this cute little 6" resin to the world.
Here is the 3D prototype I sculpted.
The render was done in Maya/Arnold, by a friend of mine, as I left rendering a while ago.
This is one of the many incentives for this Kickstarter that we've put together, to create an artbook of my work 
( covering illustration, 3D, photography, mixed media ... )
This turntable is a little older. As you can see, the design change a little, mostly to accomodate the requirements for the casting in resin.
I hope you'll enjoy.
Go check the main page for this campaign. There's only a few days left and although we have reached our initial goal, we still need to bring attention and funding to this project to make it happen for good.
I hope you'll find a pledge just right for you.
AND THIS, is the current stage of the bust.
The 3D printing was completed in the UK by OWNAGE and sent to Valiant Enterprises Ltd in the US for resin casting.
More information soon.
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