Loic Zimmermann is a French film-maker and visual artist based in Los Angeles.

Zimmermann's contribution as a design supervisor in VFX can be seen in numerous films (Ghost in the Shell, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Allegiant, Underworld, Harry Potter, True Grit, Serious Man, Prisoners, etc). In 2014, "e338, the art of Loic Zimmermann" , a decade wide retrospective book of Loic's personal and professional works was released.

His focus gradually shifted from illustration and 3D to photography and film making. With a number of shorts and his first documentary Gamma Wray wrapped, Zimmermann went on to direct and produce A Solitary Mann. The film premiered in San Francisco, won Best Feature in LA Underground Film Fest 2015, and has gone on to be a selection of seven film festivals in five countries.

Zimmermann's work continues to evolve, taking on new genres and collaborations. He wrapped up "Correspondence", partnering with musician Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty-Beaches/Last Lizard) and followed up with Outro, a short narrative. 
Preproduction has started for several projects, including "MOTH", an intense 10 min piece inspired by the work of the late Sam Shepard, and "Vegas 704, a suspenseful 3D anime.

He also continues in VFX as an art director in major motion pictures.

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