Loïc Zimmermann
French filmmaker based in Los Angeles
I started my career as an illustrator, fell in love with 3D, graduated in Graphic Design, taught computer graphics,  walked the walk, worked in games and animation,  and eventually landed a concept artist gig in L.A. in 2008. 
It is there, in Los Angeles, that I picked up photography again, a darling that I had left behind for no other reason than being broke at the time. This daily practice soon re-ignited another fire, even less affordable prior to the DSLR revolution : FILMMAKING!
After flexing my muscles with a few music videos, I shot several mid length documentaries (Gamma Wray, A Solitary Mann, Larry Yust Explains), a poetic cinéma vérité UFO (Correspondence) and some shorts.
I'm currently developing several scripts (features) with some close collaborators : Alligator Pear (drama), Zondek (thriller), 12.31 (dogma) and a TV show, Bacon (Sci Fi), while leading all the visual development of a slate of IPs for Luma Pictures in Santa Monica CA.

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