LOIC ZIMMERMANN is a French FILM-MAKER and visual artist based in Los Angeles.
His contribution as a VFX Art Director can be seen in numerous films : Godzilla : King of Monsters, Maleficent : mistress of Evil, MIB International, Ghost in the Shell, Guardians of the Galaxy, Underworld, Harry Potter, True Grit, Prisoners...
With a number of shorts, and his first documentary Gamma Wray (2014) wrapped, Loic went on to direct and produce A Solitary Mann (2015). The film premiered in San Francisco, won Best Feature at the LA Underground Film Fest. Since then, Loic released several new shorts. Correspondence (2016), a film flirting with transcendental style, is revolving around a Jazz musician and was finalist at the Aukland Film fest. 
His latest documentary, Larry, Yust Explains (2019), premiered in Los Angeles in April.

Loic is currently focusing his energy on several personal projects, including a drama called Alligator Pear, a horror film, as well as an ambitious SciFi animation series dealing with politics and environment, telekinetic abilities, sex and gore violence... Parents be warned.
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