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Roy Nexus 6
Personal illustration
photography of the actual sickscreen - 19.5" sq - 9 colors.
UPDATE : The Silkscreens are available on Etsy, only a few copies for this sale.

This is a work in collaboration with Olivier Marescaux who did the fantastic job at printing that illustration of mine. 
We discussed this project a while ago, but neither one of use really had enough time to dive into it when we agreed to stop at 8 to 10 colors ! Then, 3D Total launched a Kickstarter in order to publish an artbook of my works. We talked about the pledges that we could offer and I brought this project back.

I finalized the file (color separation and such) and handdled it to Olivier, based in France and with whom I collaborated several times in the past. Since I was in Europe in September ( thanks to my participation to a CG festival in Portugal ) I went to his studio to document the birth of the printing (photos, video). 
Unfortunately, around 2AM and fairly exhausted, we realized that one of the colors was not working at all. 
We stopped. 
A few days later Olivier started over.
A week and a half later, the print was finished. 

9 colors, all hand printed, for a very small batch of copies (less than 30).
The image resulting is pop, the colors are vibrant
I really hope that you'll enjoy.
I'll put a few on sale on Etsy, (a few were already sold during the kickstarter campaign). 
The rest of the prints will be saved for an upcoming solo exhibition in LA early next year. 

Thanks for reading,

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