An eclectic selection of photographs
Anything really, although I might have a thing for vintage cars...
Photography has repositioned itself in the past decade, from a being a refreshing side activity to becoming a prime focus (pun intended). 
It's easy to tie this to my moving to California back in 2008, and an urge to document and capture as much of it as possible, not sure how long that would last. But Los Angeles is home now and my passion for photography has only gone stronger.
I used a 5Dm2 for a while, which led me to begin shooting my own films. but after a friend introduced me to Fujifilm cameras, the Canon soon became irrelevant, for it was no match against the form factor and sensuality of the X-t1. Fuji has since released a couple new versions of that same camera, and a myriad of other every month it seems, but I'll stick to this X-T1 for now. 
I stopped counting the dead pixels, the low light is what it is, and I'm sure I could easily come up with 20 good reasons to purchase a newer camera. But I won't. Not yet. I believe in technical limitations, and I have a connection with this camera. I love how it sounds. I love how worn it is. The rubber protection peeled off of the body and the buttons have aged nicely. I think I've lost the plastic protection of the viewfinder for good this time, and the leather case I bought years ago has aged beautifully.
And it takes photos. That's a good thing for a camera.

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