Station (Digital)
This series started a few years back, shortly after I relocated to California.
I felt that it was time for me not only to drop off my luggages but also to leave some old habits behind. The colors I started to bring into the mix became more saturated and rich than they were before. At first, Los Angeles wasn't really appealing to me but as the months passed by, my vision of the big parking lot started to change. I found a certain peace in its geometrical lines, the littles cubes, the freaking palms and the beaten up roads. And that "big buzzing oven" of a light made me reconsider a lot of things in my work.
The cars? They're the links between things, in this city especially.
They bring colors, shapes and contrast into my compositions. They could be considered the center of focus but I like to think of them as a punctuation. 
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