the BINAURAL series
Binaural I
This BINAURAL series started with the illustration above. Initially intended as a one shot.
A year later, Binaural II, created over a few consecutives nights of insomnia, followed and convinced me that there was something there that I could push into becoming a series.
The process was soothing, the idea was simple, and creating a simple set of rules would simply define a playground for me to have fun, something that I tend to forget because of the pressure I can put on myself when working on an illustration. 
Binaural II
Note the red eye on the girl, both here for the narrative and as a reminder of the consecutive nights of insomnia I went through at that time.
Binaural III
I use a lot of collage in my work, rather it is for blocking things up and getting a starting point (a technique often used in concept design), or as a textural overlay toward the end of the process. In this series, each image is using fragments of the previous ones.
Note that the number of the image is visible on each helmet as an element of composition.
Binaural IV
Binaural V
Binaural VI
The shapes used in some of the helmet started to become very graphical, almost abstract. It was a moment of convergence with another series I'm developping, TAR, using Los Angeles and vintage cars as a theme.
The two series started to feed each-other.
Binaural VII 1/2
Except for Binaural VII 1/2 who represents a character standing up (the 1/2 coming from the little helmet on the floor, announcing the soon to be born baby of this friend of mine), all the images of the series are focusing on the faces.
Binaural VIII
Binaural IX
Binaural X
Binaural X was picked for the cover of my art-book e338, the art of Loic Zimmermann  published by 3D Total.
Binaural XI
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