David Eugene Edwards - music videos
Back in 1997, 98... A friend played the album "Low Estate" by 16 Horsepower to me. The weird mix of rock, folk and, shall I even dare saying country music, really hit me hard. I couldn't explain since I'm neither into folk nor country. This impression would be confirmed a few months later when I saw the band live in a small venue in Dijon (France). The frontman, David Eugene Edwards, sitting on a tall stool was hitting the floor frantically with his boots. He looked possessed, in a shamanic trance. It was fascinating.
Last year, I reached out to his producer. I wanted to shoot with the guy. Had no idea what yet, but there was a weird calling. Little did I know, DEE was actually working on a solo album. 
I give you the short version. A couple months later, we met in LA during the recording of the lyrics. I shot a bunch of photographs - many being used since for the promotion of the album - and in March this year, DEE and I met again to shoot 3 music videos : Lionisis, Weaver's Beam, and The Cuckoo.
I thought about them as a Dogma 95 trilogy type of thing. One camera, one lens, handheld, available light, although I did cheat for the last song...
The result is a very simple yet moody trilogy that you can watch on YouTube.
The album is available on Bandcamp : https://davideugeneedwards.bandcamp.com/album/hyacinth
A selection of frames from the different videos.
Shot on Kinefinity Mavo LF, with a Helios 44 lens.
Edited in Premiere Pro.
Graded with Filmconvert.

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