"If Hell is around the corner, Jonny got himself a one way ticket".
Diary notes:
We're in 2020... Covid has shut down most productions. Eventually, safety protocols for filming begin to emerge, and with them, the realization that the time has come to get back to our favorite playground. 
"Favorite" is also the name of our main protagonist: Jonny Favorite. Rings a bell? Yes, ANGEL HEART. This short film is an homage to Alan Parker's noir, surreal, sweaty nightmare(s) from the 80's. 
Unhappy with the result, the first version of the film will remain buried deep for 3 years until, following a conversation with my co-writer (Aymeric Laloux), I decide to take another look at it. 
My feelings for the film haven't changed, but my perspective on it is different. There is a better version of KRUZ, dormant, hidden under the crust of this... thing, and I decide to reboot the project. In December 2023, I get back to the editing and rethink the film entirely. 
This new version of KRUZ' is a lot closer to the original intent, while being bolder and more oppressing. It's a dark trip. And a strange one too. I hope you'll enjoy.
A selection of still frames.
Principal photography: Arri Alexa Mini with Zeiss lens.
Additional Photography : Kinefinity Mavo LF, with Sigma cine lens.
Edited in Premiere Pro.
Graded with Filmconvert.
Running Time : 18min
Dolby Surround.

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