2020, we're in the heart of Covid. All productions have shut down until the world is figuring out the best course of action against this... thing. Eventually, safety protocols for filming begin to emerge, and with them, the hope that we can all get back to our favorite playground. 
"Favorite" is also the name of our main protagonist: Jonny Favorite. Rings a bell? Yes, ANGEL HEART. This short film is an homage to Alan Parker's noir, surreal, sweaty nightmare from the 80's. 
By far the most labour intensive project I've ever worked on, shot over 4 days (including one day of additional photography), with a full production crew. Post production was spread over the following months, with an initial wrap back in late 2021. The version I'm sharing here is a Black & White remaster completed 2 years later, that fits the subject a lot better.
"If Hell is around the corner, Jonny got himself a one way ticket".
A selection of still frames.
Principal photography: Arri Alexa Mini with Zeiss lens.
Additional Photography : Kinefinity Mavo LF, with Sigma cine lens.
Edited in Premiere Pro.
Graded with Filmconvert.
Running Time : 19min
Dolby Surround.

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